The first clashes generated by the tragedy of Heysel in Belgium in the final of the Champions League. Although Colombia has experienced some critical facts in Ibague, and Bucaramanga, fortunately for us we do not have large tragedies.

1. The Heysel tragedy. Juventus vs. Liverpool. May 29, 1985

In the final of the Champions League of 85 occurred most tragic incidents occurred in world football to date as a result of violence between fans. When Celebrated the end of the Champions League between Liverpool and Juventus at Heysel Stadium (Brussels, Belgium). An hour before the match a group of British hooligans started throwing things and fighting in the stands against the Italian tifosi. Following the incidents, the Juventus fans were declining and many of them were crushed against fences and walls, leaving the bodies deposited in the field. The result of the flood produced a total of 39 dead, 34 of them Italians, 2 Belgian, 2 French and English. Surprisingly, the game was played, with the bodies still visible from several areas of the stadium. This was the beginning of the end of the Hooligans. English teams were suspended for five years of international competition, ending the hegemony that lasted about 10 years.

2. THE TRAGEDY OF LIMA. Peru vs. Argentina. May 24, 1964

In Lima, Peru, the country experienced the greatest tragedy of South American football. Peru defeated Argentina in a qualifier for the Olympic Games when the referee reversed a Peruvian both two minutes from time. The wrath of partiality tried to be controlled by police who fired tear gas ended in disaster, in the end, left 318 dead and 500 wounded.

3. DOOR 12. River Plate vs. Boca Juniors. June 23, 1968

The tragedy occurred after the end of a match between River Plate and Boca Juniors. At Gate 12, one that facilitated is the departure of the visiting supporters, in the case of Boca. For reasons never clarified the sector out into the street after the stairs, was not released, and the pressure of the crowd that came out killed the 71 victims, most of them minors.

“At first it was a normal flood, but then increased. It Was on the air without touching the floor. Something began to go wrong. The avalanche stopped. I was getting tight. There were screams of panic, scared. People who wanted to go was down. We were on top of each other under a terrible pressure hardly breathing. I fell and then I fainted. What was the cause of the tragedy? I never knew him. I was saved by a miracle. Perhaps thanks to the people who helped me because he was the youngest of all and because the avalanche stopped when I was in a bend of the staircase? I was barely 4 years. Never again I went to Boca. “(Miguel Durrieu, 46, survivor)”.

4. THE TRAGEDY OF HILLSBROUGH (to learn). Liverpool vs. Nottingham Forest. April 15, 1989

Known as the “Tragedy of Hillsborough” event occurred on April 15 1989 in the stadium Hillsborough, Sheffield (England), which killed 96 people crushed against the fences of the stadium because of an avalanche. The incident took place during the course of the football match between Liverpool FC and Nottingham Forest, corresponding to the semifinals of the FA Cup in England. The 96 killed were fond of Liverpool FC. The subsequent investigation concluded that the causes have not had to do with any violent action by the fans, but because of excess capacity and poor condition of the stadium, which did not meet security requirements. This tragedy changed completely the way of watching football. Since they were removed protective barriers in front of the court.

5. TRAGEDY IN MOSCOW. Spartak Moscow vs. Haarlem. October 20, 1982

A match of the Champions Cup left at least 340 dead in Moscow. The police began evacuating the bias just before the end of the match. A goal on the hour caused an avalanche of fans in their attempt to return. Its Another of the worst tragedies of football.

6. THE TRAGEDY OF GHANA – 9 May 2001

Some 124 people died in a stampede at a local football game at the stadium in Accra, the capital of Ghana. It all started when, just five minutes from the end of the match, fans of one team started throwing bottles and chairs from the stands. Police fired tear gas to control the situation, but it caused panic among the crowd started running toward the exits.

7. TRAGEDY IN SOUTH AFRICA. Kaizer Chiefs vs. Orlando Pirates. April 11, 2001

Ellis Park Stadium in Johannesburg was the scene of the death of 43 people after an avalanche, the worst disaster in South African sporting history.

8. TRAGEDY IN GUATEMALA. Guatemala vs. Costa Rica October 16, 1996

The meeting between the selected left 84 dead and 150 injured after a stampede at the stadium in Guatemala City. Again, the panic caused the disaster.

9. TRAGEDY IN NEPAL. Kathmandu, Nepal. March 12, 1988

93 people died and 100 were injured while trying to escape a snowstorm and find stadium doors closed.

10. TRAGEDY FOR A CIGARETTE. Bradford City vs. Lincoln City. May 11, 1985

A cigarette butt ignited a wooden structure of the stands. The fire spread rapidly, killing 56 people. In the Valley Parade Stadium was played the last league match between Bradford City, which celebrated its promotion to the Second Division and Lincoln City, when shortly before the end of the first part (to the 3.40 h) a fire broke out in the main grandstand, which dated back to 1908. The referee Don Shaw told by one of their lines suspended the match three minutes before the break, after the measure most of the spectators jumped onto the field to safety. Those who chose to escape through the turnstiles were trapped in hell, because the gates were closed to prevent spectators from entering without paying. Subsequent investigations determined that the cause of the fire was a cigarette or a match badly off, that along with the remains of garbage accumulated over the years under the seats and the wood of the stands were a devastating effect. In just four minutes the fire spread throughout the stands causing his downfall.