There is some thing magical about the competition that a sports game provides. No matter what sport you like, it’s usually exciting to see that support teams take the field, simply because the excitement of not understanding if they will win or lose is what makes the encounter so fantastic. However, there is a grim exception: if you had been a follower of one of the following teams, who could expect ineptitude only.


10. Detroit Tigers 2003


terrible sports teams are franchises of expansion, This is understandable, it is challenging for a brand new team to compete with established squads. But the Tigers of 2003 had no excuse as when they had been 43 to 119 in 2003, becoming the second worst team in modern baseball in the process. At least the Tigers have company, since, as we shall see is not the only franchise to embarrass Detroit.

9. 1962 New York Mets

numerous failings of the modern Mets fresh in our minds, we occasionally forget that they had been terrible in the past also. In his initial season, which set a modern main league record for most losses, yielding virtually 1000 runs in the procedure. His manager, Casey Stengel famously said that the team showed him “new methods to lose I never knew existed prior to.”

8. 1993 San Jose Sharks

1 of two expansion teams to join totally incompetent NHL in the years 90 (the other is little less inept Ottawa Senators), sharks had been 11-71-2 in his second year and still holds the record for most losses in 1 season. In addition, they were forced to play in a field called The Cow Palace, as a team so bad it made no sense to put anywhere decent.

7. 1998 Denver Nuggets

basketball can be a tough sport, and if you do not have star player on your team who is in a lengthy season lengthy. That was the case with the Nuggets in 1998, which was 11 to 71 and tied the record for longest losing streak in the NBA: a pathetic 23 games. They gave up 101 points per game and scored only 89, that is, if our math checks out, is a recipe for disaster. But at least they had been not as bad as the …

6. 1973 Philadelphia 76ers

The 76ers 1973 season was a total disaster. His nine victories and .110 winning percentage are both modern NBA record is unlikely to be broken anytime soon, and also set a record for the farthest end of each January 1 Instead, at 59 consecutive games. His dismal performance earned them the nickname “The Nine and 73ers,” showing that the men and women of Philadelphia are unable to come up with a joke that is even remotely intelligent.

5. Washington Capitals 1975

expansion franchise, the capital was 8-67-5 to establish the the worst season record in NHL history. Along the way, he also won the title of most road losses (39 of 40 games) and the longest losing streak (17 games). Its rulings can be traced to the fact that surrendered an average of five and a half-game objectives, which, if you’re not a fan of hockey, can very best be described as “a hell of a lot.”

4. 1960 Dallas Cowboys

image014 Top 10 Worst Sports Teams

The Cowboys are the most valuable franchise in North America (which worth about $ 1.65 million), but it was a lengthy and painful journey for first place. Its inaugural year was flat-out embarrassing, relief was only a tie game near the end of the season. Lost every single game, most by a wide margin to finish -11-1. Did we mention that the expansion teams are hilarious horrible? Because they are full.

three. 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

One of the two modern NFL teams to have an imperfect season, the Buccaneers would not win virtually two consecutive years, losing the initial 12 games of their second season to a -26 begin to the franchise. Yes, an additional expansion team are incompetent. To make matters worse, he had what is by far the most embarrassing logo in this list. We assume that is supposed to be intimidating, but it just looks like he was attempting to seduce.

2. 2008 Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions have a lengthy history of ineptitude. The most famous is his -16 season in 2008, but it was not the 1st time the Lions have gone without winning. They went -11 in 1942, and based on the present quality of your team, there is little preventing them from pulling it back in the near future. At least Detroit Red Wings have, otherwise the sports teams on its own that individuals are ashamed to admit you’re from Motor City.

1. 1899 Cleveland Spiders

We’re really going back to the history of this, but the history of the Cleveland Spiders is too ridiculous to not be worthy of 1st place. In 1899 the team’s owners bought a second franchise, the St. Louis ridiculously called Ideal. Feeling that San Luis was a viable market, sent to all owners of the greatest players of the spiders’ in the Perfect, which means that Cleveland was forced to play with a short list of weak players. The end result? A season of 20 to 134. They were so bad that other teams will eventually refused to go to Cleveland (on average only 145 fans per game), so that spiders were forced to scour the country for most of their matches. That means that his record of 101 losses by road is impossible to break, and no matter how poor teams are spiders future will always be a component of baseball history for all the wrong reasons.