Wii games for kids are popular and plentiful. However, busy moms and dads do not have time to watch all the games mentioned by the children. This list of 10 best Wii games for children has been compiled to help busy parents and grandparents. The list is mainly ESRB Rated E for everyone. There are two games for older children who are included as they are great games. And younger children can play if you play with someone older.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Zelda is included as one of itself, because it is a classic. Who has not played a Zelda game? Undoubtedly, Twilight Princess will also become one of these classics.

Choose one of the games today and enjoy playing with their children. Make it a regular family night activity!

mariokart Top 10 Wii games for children.

1. Mario Kart Wheel

Mario and his friends are back with their racing machines in Mario Kart Wii! New items, improved graphics for the Wii with the Wii Wheel included! The Wii Wheel transforms your Wii Remote on the wheel, then this game fun for all ages!

Up to four people can play simultaneously. Another great option for families with children of all ages.

animal crossing Top 10 Wii games for children.

2. Animal Crossing: City Folk

Animal Crossing is a great game for “children” of all ages. You always have something to do in the virtual village. It’s good, quiet play. Your country is full of animals and life. Players can garden, chatting with neighbors, gather the information needed to furnish their homes, or fish in a pond in the moonlight.

It’s a relaxing game that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family.

The game supports up to four players, making it ideal for families.

Recommended because it is a play soft, slow, perfect for all ages, especially children.

epic mikey Top 10 Wii games for children.

3. Disney Mickey Epic

Like Mickey, which is facilitated by Wasteland, an alternative world, without forgetting the creative efforts of Disney, and given the power to paint and paint thinner to dynamically change the world, while the identification of pathways to become a Mickey epic hero.

4. Donkey Kong Return

Under the influence of an evil group of animals were attacked tiki Donkey Kong Donkey Kong’s bananas and plantains stolen treasure – and a big appetite monkey, it is understandable that he wants to return.

cars Top 10 Wii games for children.

5. Cars

Play as your entire movies favorite characters, how to help Lightning McQueen capture the coveted Piston Cup
More than 10 playable characters in the film.

lego star wars Top 10 Wii games for children.

6. Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga enables families to play through the events of all six Star Wars movies in one videogame for the first time.

New levels, new characters and new features to keep the Lego Star Wars exciting and fresh!

ESRB Rated E10 for 10 years.

“My son started playing this game when I was 5 years and loved it. The game is more favorable that a second player can move at any time. So if you’re caught, can I take a few minutes and help. The violence in the game… it’s all cartoon violence mute /. When people die, break into small pieces of Lego. When things do not explode, pieces of Lego. ”

pet shop Top 10 Wii games for children.

7. Littlest Pet Shop

In the Littlest Pet Shop, the child must choose the name and 32 animals. More than 100 accessories are included so you can dress their pets in fun things such as scarves and sunglasses. Then, seeing his son take part in mini-games with your pets. I’m the mom and dad right there too!

“My daughter has this game for his birthday on 6 and she loves you … He likes to play dress up, to dress up their pets, buy nice things, and the name of them is pure joy for her. He need help with reading … but it is very good game. ”

ESRB Rated E for everyone

diego Top 10 Wii games for children.

8. Go, Diego, Go! Great Dinosaur Rescue

In Go, Diego, Go! Great Dinosaur Rescue your child joins Diego on an adventure prehistoric! Diego, Alicia and Baby Jaguar travel time of the dinosaurs to help Maia can find their way into his family on the island of Egg.

Children can have fun while exploring five different levels of the game on foot, by water, and skate Diego.

“I do not usually write reviews, but my 3 year old is so much fun with this game, I had to let other parents. After an hour, my son was able to dominate the game alone. It ‘was as proud of is a game that can be done without using … ”

zack and wiki Top 10 Wii games for children.

9. Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros ‘Treasure’

Mix little pirate with big dreams, Zach and the pirate who wants to be the greatest pirate! Zach to help achieve your goal, you help to be more ready and outduel all sorts of obstacles. Explore jungles, castles, temples and aircraft of floating ice. Along the way, you must solve puzzles, open objects, and find new paths.

It’s a game the whole family will enjoy!

“I bought this game because I thought it sounded interesting and different. It has proved a hit with my family EXCEPTIONAL! Play together for a couple of hours a night until the game was decided …”

ESRB Rated E for everyone.

zelda Top 10 Wii games for children.

10. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Zelda is a classic. And the Wii, The Legend of Zelda has been updated to the fans can play again.

In this version, Link is a teenager and has to save his world from the ravages of harmful magic.

Zelda is the only goal of the nominal T included in this objective. Children cannot play alone, but it can certainly have a good time with the beginning of simple puzzle game.

“I think we achieved a good balance between” tame enough for children “and” deep enough for older players. “There are a lot of Zelda fans for adolescents and adults there, and them to be very satisfied with what the game offers …”

ESRB Rated T for Teen
As one critic said, “is a link cartooney less in this game that does not mean that it is a mature title -.. remains a game with no blood, killing the evil enemies disappear in a cloud of smoke is in a variety of missions. .. And .. “a lot of good against evil