Usually teams are designed to be professional and reliable machines. There was a time when computers crash, and led to data loss and system instability. Your computer may crash, sending error messages, or worse, no longer work at all. For users of computers, troubleshooting problems can stop your work. If you know how to fix a computer, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs, professional fees, and even goes so far as to buy a new one.

The 10 most common computer problem solving and suggestions for solving this problem are as follows.

1.  The computer cannot start if the computer does not start when you press the power button, the following suggestions may help determine why the computer does not start: Make sure the computer is plugged into an AC outlet. Connect another electrical appliance into the socket making sure to provide adequate power.

2.  The computer screen is blank. If the screen is blank, the computer cannot be configured to display the image on the computer screen. First, check whether your monitor plugged into a socket and connects to your computer safely and make sure the monitor power button is on. If the light is not lit, the output is not delivering power to the monitor.

3. Problems with video card. If the power light on the computer and the monitor is on and nothing appears on the screen when the computer starts then there must be something wrong with the video card. You must take your computer to a repair or replace your video card with the new.

4.  The software is functioning abnormally. If the software does not respond or responds in an abnormal way, follow these tips. Restart your computer and run a virus scan. To do this you must have prestigious antivirus software on your computer to solve this problem.

5.  Windows will not boot properly. If Windows does not boot properly, then you should have Windows reinstall the Windows CD recoverable.

6.  The computer is on but not responding. If the computer is on but does not respond to commands from the software or the keyboard, then it must be preventive or stopped. Press and hold the power button for at least 5 seconds, turns off. Now restart the computer.

7.  An external device does not work, if the device is not working as expected, turns according to manufacturer’s instructions; make sure that all connections of the devices are safe and receiving power and compatible with the operating system. The correct drivers are installed and updated.

8.  Low teamwork. You can improve team performance by cleaning the hard drive of unwanted files, run the disk defrag utility, getting rid of unnecessary icons on your desktop, install a firewall, install antivirus and antispyware tools, regular registration schedule scans.

9.  Internetworking slow. To increase the performance of your browser, which often have to delete cookies and temporary Internet files.

10.  Internet problem on the network. If the computer cannot connect to the internet then check the IP address, check the network cables are connected properly, and make sure the fire doors or application server is not blocking HTTP requests from your PC.