Changing your company name, there are plenty of things to remember. Some of you might have thought, others have not crossed your mind. You have chosen a new name and use our reliable service to change its name to Companies House, now come the important part of protecting your business and re-branding of the company.

So what things to think about when you change the name of your company?

1. Trade Mark Search

Even before you started the process of changing the name of your company, you should conduct a trademark search with his name again. The last thing we want is to go to all the trouble of changing your company name only to find that someone else has already registered that name as a trademark. This type of situation could lead to serious problems and unforeseen costs and the other company takes legal action requiring that, once again, to adopt a new name for the limited liability company.

With a simple trademark search, you can ensure that your name is not already claimed by another person and is safe to register. Remember, just because a company name is not on the Register does not mean it is not registered as a trademark. It is possible that all types of businesses and individuals to register a trademark, so carry out a trademark registration is the best way to ensure your business is protected against future problems.

If the search becomes clear, you might like to think about how to register a trademark to protect its own business name from use by others. There are a number of benefits to trademark that makes this valuable process.

2. Updating of statutory records

Part of running a limited liability company legally compliant includes proper maintenance of legal records (also known as corporate compliance documents.) It is a requirement of law established by the Companies Act 2006. Failing to keep proper records for your company can leave you open to a fine of up to £ 5,000.

Changing your company name, you must ensure properly update these documents and records or if you do not already have in place, make sure that they have been prepared to protect themselves from legal action and fines barriers painful.

HM Revenue & Customs 3.Inform

If operating under its current limited liability company to hire staff to manage their business, then you will be immediately aware of the need to inform HM Revenue and Customs of the change of company name and details. Even without the personnel still have to know that the tax collector of the changes to your business. Presentation of annual accounts will still have to be carried out every year.

You can report changes to your business directly to HMRC following the guidance on the HMRC website.

4. Business Domain Name Change

Changing the name of your company should consider adopting a new domain name game. If you already have a website in place for your business, you will probably find that the old web address does not fit into your new company name. If that is the case, use our domain name registration to register your new company name with a domain name more appropriate.

Of course, this does not mean you should give your old domain name. There may be good reasons to keep it, if you have any customer base then you might want to take them into account. Also more domain names are more valuable to search engines, so hang on it and redirect to your new domain name of the company may be worth. Alternatively, you can auction or sell the domain name. Good domains can achieve a high price indeed.

Changes 5.Company Logo

With the changes made in the name of your company, you also have to design a new logo to match. As you know, your company logo is an important part of your business and a way for customers to easily identify and separate the competitors in the market. A company logo is a part of building a brand and gain recognition for your business deserves.

For a company logo design professional and economic, why not resort to the Gallery of the company, the UKs leading company formation and start-ups to staff up.

6. Updating the company web site

A change in company name could also mean the company website needs an overhaul. Outdated content, incorrect data companies and marketing materials related to his former employer will be no use of you to changes in the name of the company. A fresh web site design to revitalize its business, breathing new life and modernization of sensation. Search engines also love new content and updating a web site, so it can only help improve your ranking and improve your business.

7. Inform your bank

You must notify your merchant bank of any change in its limited liability company. Without adequate banking business into a limited company will be very difficult to operate and grow. You can find an approximate value of purchases for a new business bank account, instead of staying with your current bank. Each bank offers different incentives, interest rates and services that are all worth considering according to their business needs.

8. Updated Memorandum and Articles of Association

With a new company name (and possibly a lot of other changes in your business) will have a new and updated memorandum and articles of association. With the constitution to details of the company, the timing and structure.

You might also consider restructuring firms to establish various classes of shares and a new structure to reap the benefits available under the company law. Most companies are registered in line with “generic” memorandum and articles of association as stated in the Companies Act 2006. These are ideal for many businesses and keep the simple structure of the company, but canbe restrictive. Along with a change of name of the company you may wish to consider adjusting the structure of your business. Restructuring plans may allow employees to install share-based incentives, foreign investment will allow a variety of sources, creating a more efficient tax structure or convert the business into a charitable, nonprofit or type more company-specific (such as the right to manage the company). If you think you might benefit from restructuring of the company, if you are changing the name of the company or not, contact the legal team supporting the Business Warehouse and benefits counseling.

9. Your Customers

Perhaps one of your first considerations before changing its name from the company owes to its customers. How do you feel about change? There are cases where companies have undertaken a rebranding that has failed them high-profile business Re-Branding. There are many reasons for wanting to change the name of the company, but if you’re planning to stay in the same industry, providing the same services to the same market, then you must consider your customers. You do not want to risk losing loyal customers, respected, simply because they are not aware of any changes to your business. Similarly, if they are unhappy with the changes, run the risk those competitors away. Your customers are a valuable source of feedback, do not underestimate its value to help grow your business.

10. The use of sensitive words

The first time I conducted a training company that could have given some consideration to the sensitive words – those words and phrases, as prescribed by law in the use of a company name. In the election of a new company name will also need to think carefully about your choice of words. Many words are included in the appendices of several and although it is impossible to include changing the company name will mean an extra effort and satisfaction of specific criteria. Be sure to approach us if you are aware that the new name includes the word sensitive and need support to get it properly recorded. Our team of attorneys has the knowledge and experience to help you do just that.