For better and for worse, marriage is often framed by bizarre laws. Here is an overview of marital laws surprising United States.

1. Marriage by proxy

Marriage by proxy allows the bride or groom to be represented by someone else’s wedding day. This law applies only to members of the U.S. military that cannot be there on their wedding day. Someone else will say so in their place “Yes, I do”. California, Nevada, Texas and Montana are the only U.S. states that allow marriage by proxy. And if none of the two future spouses cannot attend the wedding? Well this is not a problem in Montana! By double proxy marriage is legal. This is perhaps not the best way.

2. Legal marriage for those under 18 years

Between 2007 and 2008 in the State of Arkansas, youths under age 18 could marry if their parents agreed. Even if they were babies! In fact, the law should apply only to pregnant teens to allow them to marry. But those who drafted the law failed to specify a minimum age! After being ridiculed for months, the law was finally changed in April 2008. The minimum age for girls can marry in Arkansas is now 16 years and 17 years for boys.

3. Marry to win a bet

In Delaware, several married couples to win a bet. Once the bet won, they wanted the marriage annulled. That is why now, in causes to cancel a wedding, the couple can tick the box “because it was a gamble.”

4. Illegal to marry four times with the same man

In Kentucky it is illegal to marry the same man four times and the same woman. If that’s the third time you get divorced the same man and want to still say “yes, I do”, this law may be what is best to prevent you from making the same mistake a fourth time!

5. A man must kill the birds to get married

In Truro in the State of Massachusetts, the future spouses must prove that he will make a good husband. For this he must go hunting and kill six blackbirds or three crows.

6. Banned for couples to sleep naked in the hotel

In Salem, Massachusetts, a law that says married couples cannot sleep naked when they rent a room at the hotel.

7. Illegal to make a marriage without thinking

Men over 16 are not allowed to ask a woman in marriage without really wanting to marry in South Carolina!

8. Do not like his stepmother is not an excuse for divorce

Men who do not support their stepmother did not need to force them to Wichita, Kansas. For misbehaving with his stepmother may be a cause for divorce. The wife cannot use the threat of divorce if her husband is at war against his mother.

9. Prohibits kissing in public

Husband and wife are theoretically illegally when kissing in public Sunday in Hartford, Connecticut. This sin made the Sabbath is punishable by a prison term, according to law.

10. The blind have no right to solemnize a marriage

In New Orleans, fortune tellers and clairvoyants have no right to solemnize a marriage. The bride and groom cannot afford such an eccentricity, and must adhere to a religious or civil celebrant recognized.