Music you love or hate Christmas. There is rarely one in the middle. Even the happiest of people can be driven to the brink of madness by the incessant repetition of the same songs around some of the festivities. While there are plenty of Christmas songs out there that do not make the usual rotation of department stores, there are a handful of topics that deal with Christmas like any other day, whenever it reaches the rhyme and meter. It’s actually kind of surprising how many songs mention Christmas without falling into the trap of Christmas music. Here Top 10 Songs that mention but aren’t Christmas songs :

10. Elton John – “Levon”

Technically, “Levon” seems to be a song about a guy who gets bored selling cartoon balloons in town. The mention of Christmas comes with the phrase “born a poor to a pawn on a Christmas Day,” but the song has nothing to do with Christmas. Be Elton John, we’re pretty sure you could sneak it in any mix of holiday I wanted and people would be fine with it though.

9. Mogwai – “Christmas Steps”

As this is Mogwai, no letters to guide us as to why they chose the name “Christmas Steps” to the song. One would think that with the title of a song, there would be at least some bells or Mannheim Steamroller-esque synths, but do not receive anything like that. The title probably has more to do with a street in England with the same name, but even the origins of the streets are not completely understood. However, it can be assumed that the post-rock and instrumental rock fans can safely release the song around the holidays and feel as festive as it allowed his beard.

8. Belle and Sebastian – “I Do not Love Anyone”

The song that explains very clearly from the outset, “I do not like it / No, not even Christmas / Especially that.” It is obvious that the song is actually not loved anything or anyone, and Christmas is just tossed into the center of good measure, just to make absolutely sure that this guy really loves nothing. Not even Christmas.

7. Stevie Wonder – “I Wish”

“I Wish” Christmas mentioned in passing the sentence: “When my only concern / Was for Christmas what would be my toy.” From there it moves along in the territories completely different, but certainly not the only song here to use Christmas as a starting point when talking about the simplicity of childhood.

6. Ben Folds Five – “Brick”

If you’re more interested in its up Grinch-like this holiday, you may want to release the song on repeat for your family. The song is about folds and his girlfriends have an abortion the day after Christmas, gifts have to hock to pay for everything. Gross is an issue subject to doubt, and certainly one that has the potential to reduce a roomful of celebrating the holidays too.

5. The Who – “Christmas”

Although Christmas is immediately mentioned in the song, the song is not about Christmas at all. It’s actually about the deaf, dumb and blind, Tommy get a pinball machine and start over your way to becoming a “Pinball Wizard.” People like to throw this song on the “good Christmas song” arena, but the song is not about Christmas, this is Tommy, and pinball, only to use Christmas as the catalyst.

4. Ricardo Arjona – “Photographs and Memories”

Well, technically Croce mentions only the “Christmas card sent me”, but a Christmas card comes only once a year and is usually around Christmas. Without doubt, use the party as a launching pad to talk about other things, namely, very sad, sad things. So it’s best to get rid of holiday cards as soon as possible, otherwise it could lead some terrible memories.

3. Old man gloom – “Christmas Eve”

Like Mogwai, this is another song about Christmas in the title without having any letters. If you hear the song, is a very slow-moving sludge of sound, which in itself could make people think snow sled during the holidays. That might be stretching a bit, but either way, regardless of the fact that this song could well be called “ABC” is still a kick ass theme that addresses the myth of Christmas without being a song thereon.

2. Eminem – “Mockingbird”

Although it would be really fun to listen to a real Christmas song by Eminem, he just takes the same basic premise as a bunch of other songs on the list. The lines, “Mom wrapped Christmas gifts / and stuck ‘em under the tree and said some of them were from me,” are very sad. It is clear that even adults, people tend to look back at Christmas with a sense of nostalgia, but really can not repeat that feeling, apparently still trying to capture in song.

1. Tom Waits – “Christmas Card from a hooker in Minneapolis”

Some people consider this a Christmas song, but when it comes down to it, it is not. In fact, Christmas is not even mentioned once in the whole song. Instead, it is a song written from the point of view of a stripper who appears to have turned into your life. She is boasting, talking about the old days, then tell the whole story as a lie. In fact, not Christmas at all.