Their ability to adapt to the environment, to learn things and understand commands make these species is considered among the brightest of the animal kingdom. The animals have shown that, despite not having advanced cognitive functions such as humans can develop skills that enable them, first, to adapt to its environment and secondly to learn things that men can teach them to develop their intelligence according to their capabilities.

10. Japanese monkey. It is the only monkey native to the country of the Rising Sun is in the northern mountains, a very cold place that has developed its intelligence. Wells are grouped to find hot springs and soak in them, and thus able to stabilize their body temperature.

japanesse monkey1 300x201 Top 10 most intelligent animals

9. Pig. Despite being considered one of the dirtiest, in fact this is cleaned to wallow in the mud removes parasites which live on your skin. In addition to being the cleanest of farm animals is also smarter as it may, in the same way that dogs, learn different lots.

pigs 300x232 Top 10 most intelligent animals

8. Dog. Its proximity to humans as a species have learned with ease, is capable of learning tricks but not only solve problems, to bond with their owner or their offspring and even to respond to certain words.

7. Horse. Its main feature is that it has a great psychomotor ability, can coordinate movements and can also solve problems, develop emotional bonds with their owner.

horse swimming 300x196 Top 10 most intelligent animals

6. Crow. Although birds are not classified as very intelligent animals, this specific species is one of the largest brains among the birds, allowing you to solve some problems. Are known to be good observers and learn some other animals where food is stored, to later steal.

clever crow 300x225 Top 10 most intelligent animals

5. Elephants. These mammals are famous for their good memories, this is because they are actually able to remember many things like the growl of a hundred individuals of their species, they also have a special sense about death, making them aware of their own finitude. It is one of the few species able to recognize in the mirror.

4. Octopus. It is the most intelligent invertebrate animal, start learning from scratch because the egg before hatching their parents have died, so that all learning is done on their own and not transmitted through generations. Your nervous system is very similar to humans. They able to solve problems and to imitate behaviors of other animals to avoid danger.

3. Dolphin. The animal is very close to man, live in communities and have a complex social organization, which explains how through sounds, has established a code of communication typical of the species.

dolphin 300x200 Top 10 most intelligent animals

2. Chimpanzee. They share 96% of human DNA, are capable of standing and walking on their hind legs and not very long distances. Their ability to solve problems is large and also have a complex social structure.

chimpanzee Top 10 most intelligent animals

1. Parrot. Despite having a brain the size of a walnut, has ample capacity to mimic human sounds, is able to recognize people and learn words in different languages. The best known was Alex parrot that served to aid research on this species.