There are about ten days, spectators at Old Trafford has been a goal for the least surprising in the match Manchester United – Tottenham. While we were playing the final minutes of the game and the visiting team had a goal down, Luiz Nani was offered the ball on a plate … by Heurelho Gomez, the Spurs keeper. The latter having mistakenly believed that Mark Clattenburg, the referee of the game, was booed before a hand on the same Nani. But this was not the case and therefore gave rise to unprecedented turn of events, whose main responsibility was the man in black.

The error of Mr. Clattenburg was blatant, but its importance on the final outcome of this part was measured, if not minimal. The history of football was nurtured over time much disputed judgments and therefore much more critical. The referee was shot English ears, but some of his cronies have been roundly vilified for faults that remain in our memories. To his readers and just for them, has chosen the top 10 mistakes.

1. The assault of Harald Schumacher on Patrick Battiston, 1982

In the semi-finals of the 1982 World Cup, Harald Schumacher, the porter of the German national team, is guilty of an output “barbican” and unprecedented violence on Patrick Battiston, striker Team France. In this action, it almost lost her life and what was the astonishment and concern in the eyes of everyone, except the referee. The man in black gave neither red card or yellow Schumacher, and whistling, to everyone’s surprise, a goal kick for the Mannschaft.

2. The purpose of the hand of Maradona against England, 1986. Twenty-four years later, we continue on the side of Argentina, speaking of divine intervention to describe the act of foul play succeeded by El Pibe Del Oro against England in the World 1986. While the two selections were tied, the number 10 albiceleste deceived the goalkeeper, Peter Shilton, a recovery of hand … The referee achieve validation in thinking it was the head. The Three Lions had protested in vain, it has not changed his mind.

3. Patrick Thistle and Dundee United, 1993. (1.10 on the video) is probably the least known of the incidents of our list, but the referee’s Mottram remembers today as if it were yesterday. During a Scottish league game, Paddy Connolly, striker visitors had put the leather back by taking a corner successfully. There was absolutely no doubt about the validity of this goal, but Mr. Mottram asked the players to continue playing an error reflecting the fact that the ball did not stay too long behind him. On the shooting of a player, he was immediately pushed out through the post within the timber.

4. The triple warning of Graham Poll, 2006. Even today, when asked, Graham Poll is unable to say how he was given three biscuits a player before his deportation. Indeed, four years ago during the World Cup in Germany, the English referee, however, regarded as one of the best in the business, forgot to expel Josep Simunic, a Croatian player, after he warned a second time. It was only the third yellow – because there was a third-he showed him the way of dressing. After the match, Poll is no longer reappeared at a meeting of international football.

5. Pedro Mendes, 2005. Before talking about recently, Mr. Clattenburg had already refereed a Man United – Tottenham and it is already noted by a huge misjudgment. That was in 2005. On a long-range strike from Pedro Mendes, a player of Tottenham, Roy Carroll, goalkeeper UM, could not properly seize the ball and he left it bounce behind the line before removing it. Clattenburg ruled that the leather is never returned. Before the goal, not accepted by Frank Lampard against Germany at the last World Cup, there was no better argument than this misjudgment here for video introduction in football.

6. Watford and Reading, to ghostly, 2008. As long as officiate in the world of football and perhaps even after, the referee Stuart Atwell who will wonder what took him to accept a goal that was not there two years, in an English league game between Watford in Reading. In reality, Atwell has been deceived by his touch judge, Mr. Nigel Bannister, who spoke of an “optical illusion” to justify that he saw the ball behind the line after a shot Royels, then it was never the case.

7. Atletico Junior v America de Cali, 2008. Emerson piojo Acuna became famous in December 2008 the penalty for causing the most incredible, most unlikely and most undeserved of football history. During a match between his team of America Cali Atletico Junior, he pretends to fall in the surface and without that there was no opposing counsel to 2 or 3 feet away from him. The referee saw nothing of the action, but he gave the penalty he sought, to the dismay of opponents, including the misunderstanding was matched only by rabies.

8. Øvrebø, the nightmare of Chelsea, 2009. A year ago, a semi-final of the Champions League has been distorted by a very bad arbitration Norwegian Tom Henning Øvrebø. The latter was the main architect of Chelsea’s elimination at the expense of Barcelona, by failing to whistle no less than four penalty kicks for the Blues. Although he officiated at Stamford Bridge, the same den of London team, Øvrebø realized the “worst performance of all time arbitrary” in the words post-match Guus Hiddink.

9. Thierry Henry’s hand at France – Eire, 2009. Until a year ago, Thierry Henry was considered a great player, one of the best in the history of French football. Now it is labeled as cheater. Blame the goal he gave to William Gallas’s hand during a game of the World Cup qualifiers dam against Ireland. By this unfortunate reflex, it has considerably dropped its rating to all his fans.

10. The non-goal from Frank Lampard, 2010. Sometimes it is not enough to pass the ball behind the opposing goal line to score a goal. Frank Lampard midfielder of the England team, has realized this summer during the match against Germany. While he and his teammates were trying to return to the mark, he shot a cropped shot from distance, and the ball after hitting the crossbar, bounced behind the line.