If you are looking for a travel destination for the upcoming holiday of Passover, the most famous travel guide to the world, Lonely Planet, has compiled the 2010 ranking of the world’s great metropolises, the city where it is impossible not to visit at least once in your life. You will surely find something interesting

Lonely Planet guru when it comes to travel guides has compiled the ranking of the ten must-see destinations in 2010.

In Italy Lonely Planet recommends visiting Lecce with its baroque architecture, the life of a typical Italian piazza where you can sip a glass of wine or an espresso watching the unforgettable facade of the Basilica of Santa Croce. A magical city, a sea to be discovered and the thousands of villages those dot the coast of Puglia, to discover running or wandering away.

Santa Croce Lecce 236x300 Top 10 most beautiful cities in the world for Lonely Planet

In the roaring twenties was the capital of the ball which gave its name: we speak of Charleston, in America, where the West Virginia still offers interesting places to visit and a very hospitable climate. Not by chance has crowned Charleston for eleven years in a row with the title of best-mannered city in America.

Over the years, Abu Dhabi from fishing village has become famous travel destination famous throughout the world, a large mirror of the culture of the Middle East. Ultra chic circles in places like the Emirates Palace and bustling souks of screaming people: here everything is mixed, awaiting the warm night, to be spent in leisurely chatter and the aroma of sheesha, hookah the characteristic of the place, combining to smoke tobacco and flavorings fruit in a flask with water.

Since 2005, when he was elected the European Capital of Culture, Cork sparkle even more. In the Irish town you will find many events with art, festival, local, do not ever sleep. A gastronomic advice? Try the Cafe Paradiso, a nice place to find irresistible menu and cheap prices.

emirates palace in abu dhabi 300x239 Top 10 most beautiful cities in the world for Lonely Planet

Cuenca, Ecuador, is another of the novel’s most beautiful cities in the world do not miss the second Lonely Planet. Example of Spanish colonial architecture, Cuenca in the atmosphere of its traditions alive and strong in 2010 will celebrate its first ten years between World Heritage sites by UNESCO.

Certainly cannot miss the top ten in 2010 Istanbul, European Capital of Culture 2010 together with Essen and Pecs. Overlooking the East and West, here are two faces of the living world by creating extraordinary plots, a town on the borders of Europe in recent years is creating an explosion of incredible art, such as the prestigious Biennale.

cuenca heritage site 170x300 Top 10 most beautiful cities in the world for Lonely Planet

You are in the area of Japan? Be sure to visit Kyoto, where high-tech and skyscrapers blend with ancient shrines and ruins of a tradition in Japan’s far-off time.

In Sarajevo the road Bascarsija has always been the haunt of poets, writers and musicians. Cultural and artistic heart of the country after the war has destroyed much of the history and fabric of the Balkans, today the city is facing what may in the future have in common in Istanbul: the border areas that suddenly become new centers, cores, throbbing art, events and new trends.

Efficient and innovative, Singapore wins the soul of green, through the many parks in the city, like Fort Canning, Mount Faber and the Botanical Gardens.

Among the 2010 Lonely Planet travel destinations could not recommend one of the most beautiful cities in the prestigious Vancouver, which recently hosted the Olympic Winter Games, a city that portends an edge Canada, where many go to events, museums and art.