Navigating your way through this changing economy in the right job, career, or a business opportunity is no easy task. The economic crisis of recent years has affected almost everyone. Every time you turn on the news you hear about the rising rates of unemployment, increased job cuts, government bailouts, and the foreclosure of mass housing.

If you are just starting out in life, looking for a job, or in the midst of a career change, it is crucial that you know all the possibilities that are available. Believe it or not, in tough economic times there are plenty of opportunities if you know where to look.

Here’s the deal, the old economy is not to return. What we are seeing now is a massive redistribution of wealth. Many people are going to get hit hard waiting for the old economy to recover, but those who understand that a new economy is emerging, a decision on new trends, and run with the new information, not just survive the economic changes from, but will build massive wealth for themselves.

We are now experiencing what the economist and bestselling author Paul Zane Pilzer calls the democratization of wealth. He writes that during the next ten years, ten million new millionaires will be created in the direct selling industry at home. In fact, according to Forbes magazine, more than 79 million people flood the Internet in the next 2-5 years in search of business opportunities at home, and that’s just in the U.S.

The following is a list of the 10 jobs currently in demand. You’ll notice the first two jobs are “New Economy” that simply did not exist until now, thanks to Internet technology.

1. Internet Marketer (potential revenue $ 100k-$ 750k)

2. Direct sales (income potential $ 250k-$ 500k)

3. Clerk (Salary: $ 82,800)

4. Software Engineer (Salary: $ 79,780)

5. Systems Analyst (median income: $ 69,760)

6. Biologist (Salary: $ 76,320)

7. Math (average salary: about $ 100,000)

8. Paralegal Assistant (Salary: $ 46.120)

9. Statistics (Salary: $ 65,720)

10. Accountant (Salary: $ 54.630)

So there you have it, the 10 jobs in demand in the U.S. Most of these careers require a college degree and some require several years of experience. Obviously, these ten jobs are not realistic for everyone, especially in this economy. The rising cost of college tuition and the realization of reducing labor market make it even more difficult.

Sales once again proved to be one of the better paid professions in the world, especially now with technology and the Internet, so these models 21 century very profitable business, even for beginners. There are a few Internet companies are really solid foundation in travel, personal development and financial services will happily pay $ 2K-$ 10K FOR SALE commissions for advertising.

One tip, make sure you do your homework, and if you are considering a proposed home based business, be sure to find qualified mentors in a company that provides training and support they need to succeed. Find people who are already successful and model their success and they’ll do just fine.

The future of business is about LEVERAGE and FREEDOM, work smarter, not harder, without the need necessarily have to trade time for money in a traditional occupation. There is another way. But you have to ACTION and are willing to change with the times, because they will not be those who experience great things in this new emerging economy and never have to think or worry about what the 10 jobs in America.