I’m sure most of you have heard about Apple’s new iPhone and all the different functionality it has to offer, so I’ll spare you the details. What I will share with you are the top ten applications that I like and use daily.

1. Zenbe Lists – This is an application to-do-list allows you to itemize your daily tasks. The application features a minimalist green user interface, extremely functional features, and free price tag. Zenbe Lists I think above and beyond other applications to-do-list, which is why we chose it as part of my applications every day.

2. NetNewsWire – Sorting through my list of sources is much more efficient in the iPhone instead of on the web. That’s where NetNewsWire is so helpful, this application is an RSS reader like his father NewsGator only for iPhone. So if you’re one to enjoy news channels then make sure you review NetNewsWire.

3. Twinkle – This is a great Twitter application. If you’re wondering what Twitter is, do not feel so bad. Twitter is a website that allows the stream of short updates on their daily lives (“I’m home in AppCraver looking at this new game, and then I go to market”) to friends and people who want to track. So what is special about Twinkle? Well, the main differentiator is that it knows its location. It uses the iPhone GPS and adds your current location to all your tweets! You can also track nearly sparkles.

4. Facebook – It seems that today everyone is obsessed with checking their Facebook, well at least me. This application makes it easier, but it gives you one-touch access to all your friends, your profile and inbox. We can even ping to anyone who is online and start chatting instantly. The best part is that you have immediate access to their Facebook inbox and not have to log in each time. Oh, and did I mention it’s free.

5. Shazam – This free application is a life saver! Have you ever heard a song he loved, but did not know his name or the artist? Well, with this application can solve this problem once and forever. Everything we do is have the iPhone to the music being played and hit the “Tag Now”. Shazam does the rest! A few seconds later it returned the name of the record cover artist and the name of the song right to your iPhone.

6. Pandora – This application is ideal for the next game or whenever you want music but do not want to take control of the songs. All you have to do is type the name of a band, and Pandora creates a custom “radio station” around that band, which includes songs from the band itself, as well as songs that “sound like” that artist. Pandora is an amazing application for music discovery, choose a channel and let Pandora’s DJ.

7. Bloomberg – Finally, a financial application that can be used to keep up to date on the markets around the world. Bloomberg offers news, stock quotes, company descriptions, better performance, price charts, analysis of market trends and more. Although painful, sometimes I like to keep my stock. Your probably wondering what this type of enforcement costs, and is free.

8. AOL Instant Messenger – AIM for iPhone is a great product, and works the way you expect. But it has a drawback that tends to bug me. Unless the application is open, it alerts you when you receive a message. I do not know about you but when I get a message that I want to be notified immediately. With the iPhone there is a problem, because from now you can only have one application open at once.

9. Cinema – Film The new application allows you to search the local cinemas show times, see details of the film, and watch movie trailers. Not much to complain of this application was designed well and pays close attention to detail. What is surprising about the side of the free price tag is that it was developed by a sophomore in college who sold it to Flixter.

10. Schedule – the number ten on my list is going to the Calendar application. You’re probably thinking, “Wait do not come with the iPhone?” The answer is yes, it comes with the iPhone, which is probably why it’s a great application to begin. I use this calendar every day to manage my program, after this application that simply refuses to go back to my old desktop schedule.