The tides of green algae are not ready to finish, in Britain, despite the anti-green algae plan launched in early 2010 by the Department of Ecology. In 30 years, rates of nitrate leaching into the soil have been multiplied by five. Without an adequate source reduction – that is to say a profound change in agricultural practices – the Britons multiply ideas to get their salad, which reached some 700 000 tonnes annually. Here are 10 ideas that could change everything (or not).

1. Methanation: The fermentation of algae in a closed gas releases. But biogas stations are expensive. In addition, it will spread sludge shall restore the same amount of nitrogen in the soil. And the cycle begins again … So a nice idea, but actually not.

2. The fertilizer spreader: This is the solution for evacuating the most common algae. But farmers do not diminish the fertilizer usual … So no more

3. Making cardboard boxes: before the algae do not break down (2 days!). Must go fast

4. Cosmetics: the Ulva (Ulva armoricana whose real name) would wrinkle properties! Yves Rocher and Biotherm expect?

5. Compost, with other green waste: The stability of the mixture would send some of Ulva elsewhere. But again the activity is not profitable to grow alone.

6. The biodegradable plastic: can be for shopping bags and would solve the pollution problems!

7. Fuel for wood burner …: words like that, it seems strange, but in 3 or 4 years it could become possible.

8. Construct new materials: “The consolidation of composite materials through nanopropriétés of Ulva when mixed with clay”. Just that. A market not really mature if one believes the financial difficulties the company had made this discovery.

9. A new modern way to commit suicide: by inhaling small boxes made of seaweed for the occasion. Or by simply jogging on the beach (a few years ago jogger 27 years in full health was found dead on the beach of Saint-Michel-en-Greve)

10. Salad to accompany your quiche: Green algae are edible, if you not be disgusted by the amount: eat until they are cool!