As a student himself and interested in everything that is creepy and mysterious, I was inspired to write this list of Top 10 Most Haunted Colleges and Universities in the United States. advance for those of you who attend evening classes to apologize to any of these institutions. Please feel free to follow your favorite college to add the comment! We will start with my current setup…

10. Penn State University in State College, PA

The inspiration for this entire list was the story of Betsy Aardsma, a student at the university was established in 1969. She was the research for her English class when she stabbed to death in one of the aisles of books in the library Pattee. Her murder is still unsolved. Your mind will wander the library late at night. A student who was on the books in the very aisle that Betsy was killed in us woke up that night to feel strangled – so much so that it does not call for help to her roommate sleeping in the same room. If this is not enough, the spirit of an ax murderer said Brummer Hall follow on Halloween night.

9. Bradford College Haverhill, MA

This has now given up college to host a number of ghosts from the days when the university still occupied by students. One of the most famous ghost is that of a young girl who had a relationship with a priest at the school. When she became pregnant either committed suicide or was murdered by the priest. Both their spirit and the spirit of the priest meeting place of the old Academy Building. Ghost Hunters have recorded numerous voices, screams and leave unexplained pictures on campus.

8. University of Notre Dame

In a school with so much history as Notre Dame, it’s no surprise that it pursues its share. George Gipp, a legendary Notre Dame football star, the famous “Win one for the Gipper” speech was, is assumed to follow the university. A good spirit, he is often seen hovering over students shoulders, sometimes gives them a friendly pat, only to disappear when they turn around. While it seems that he is watching over students, the Patawatami Indians, who also meet the school not so friendly. It is believed that Columbus Hall is built on their graves, and the ghostly warriors are often seen riding horses up and down the steps of the hall, as if something in protection.

7. University of Georgia Athens, GA

Another old school keep many secrets and mysterious incidents of old Confederate soldiers to murder and suicide, the campus is pursuing full. The Phi Mu sorority house is supposedly haunted by a girl named Anna Hamilton, bury the witnesses her boyfriend in front of their eyes, and his body under the building of the steps murdered. Students were with her with an Ouija board to cry, and often in the house of empty rooms to talk too. Another house is haunted by the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority house. As one of the oldest universities in sororities, it is not surprising that one of the oldest houses is pursued, to go all the way back to the founding family. Their daughter Susie was standing up on her wedding day. Heartbroken, hung it on the attic. report to this day occupants and visitors that a woman staring out of the skylight.

6. Montclair State University Upper Montclair, New Jersey

More specifically, the Clove Road Apartments at Montclair State. Like Notre Dame, the apartments are also built on an Indian burial ground … never a good idea. Doors and windows slam and lock unexpectedly. Lights flicker on and off. The building always feels cold, even with the thermostat to max. Roommate report feeling random feelings of fear, and many fights have occurred seemingly no reason. A man in the 19th Century clothing floats to sleep on the beds dressed tenant, only to disappear with their cries. At worst, the figures are seen piercing through the trees in the forests of the night, probably the spirit of the Indians no longer be at rest. No one will go near the woods after sunset for fear of the unknown.

5. St. Joseph’s College

The college was used as a hospital during the Civil War. Unlike hospitals of today, were Civil War hospitals often the equivalent of a modern butcher shop. With little or no treatment for the wounds suffered by battlefield weapons, was the primary treatment of amputations. Stories are told by nurses with buckets of severed arms and legs away from these hospitals Surgery stations. The cries of men, and if you’re unlucky, the smells of the hospital are located throughout the campus. A few students have hospitals full of spooky late at night reported foot. Amidst all this horror, walks among them a friendly ghost. Mother Seton, founder of the American Sisters of Charity, is often seen walking around campus, smiling at students and noise on the eternally injured phantoms to visit with soldiers.

4. Drew University Madison, NJ

Surprising that a theological college and seminary would be thrilled but full of Drew University has its fair share. Asbury Hall is probably a student who is suspended from the ceiling. The campus is also the haunting of Roxanna Mead Drew, wife of the founder known. One day a fire broke out in Mead Hall (named after Roxanne) and members of the Madison Fire Department were called in to douse the flames. Two firemen, who were fighting the flames appeared to a woman trapped inside the burning hall and went into her. Witnesses say that in the 19th Century clothing was dressed and that the flames burned right through it. She looked then disappeared.

3. Cal State University Channel Islands (Camarillo, Calif.)

There is never a good idea to build a university on the grounds of an old insane asylum, decided to do as Cal State. Since the University opened its doors in 2002, told students that universities ancient inhabitants wander the grounds, halls and streets of the Cal State. The inmates are seen entering rooms that are empty after the investigation. Another inmate is dancing in a parking lot at night, only to fade as he approaches the street lamps. Scarier still have thrown the violent spirits who knocked objects, past students, vandalism and locked classrooms.

2. University of Illinois Urbana, IL

After a night of drinking, a sister returned to the Alpha Phi Omega Sorority Hall in her room late at night. During the stairs went up to them to know the ground, she noticed that she would see a figure at the top of the stairs. Upon further review it was clear that the figure of a man wearing a gray uniform and had no face. She ran quickly and told her friends was, but searched the building and found nothing. Since then, the man has been seen at numerous locations on campus. A few years ago, in Crampton Hall, a student was found hanging in his closet. It was quickly determined that the student had been the victim of foul, but no killer was ever found. Fast forward to 2007. If a student does not host a party, his friends went to look for him. They found him hanging in his closet bound and naked on his head, alive but frightened. The same night, several students stood by a man over them, turn away and would wake in their closets. The man was never identified.

1. Ohio University Athens, Ohio

This should not surprise. It is well known and documented that Ohio University is perhaps one of the most haunted places in the world. Speaking of ghost teachers, students, sounds and voices heard in sealed rooms, a good basketball team spirit that is truly haunted campus full. Almost every building on campus has assigned at least one ghost. In a place full of ghosts, literally, manages to stand out among the rest. Wilson Hall is one of the most popular places in the United States, and was in the TV series “Scariest Places on Earth” was presented. A student practicing satanic rituals allegedly died violently in the room 428th While this story has no real support for what is true that the school is closed and officials have closed the room because it could no student is peaceful. to hear voices in the halls, lock and unlock doors open and close on their own, and ghosts wander the building. The building is also dead a pentagram with five cemeteries that surround the campus formed. It is rumored that the building itself was built on an old mental hospital cemetery, but this was proven to be untrue.