In Swahili`s Language, safari word means journey. Formerly known as the safari expeditions whose purpose was to hunt animals such as lions, buffaloes and rhinos. Today, our eyes and cameras have replaced weapons. Those who dream of seeing big cats, monkeys or other exotic animals just prepare your camera or camcorder, good shoes and leave a memorable safari.


The magic of a safari is not measured. Although Gambia is the smallest African nation of Africa, the diversity of the savanna surprise to lovers of nature. Here are animals, plants, trees that grow only in places like Gambia. The huge baobab trees, mango trees and red sand amazing tracks. The country is famous for its birds, are nothing less than 540 species. Do not forget to make a river safari to walk the Gambia River (one of the largest in Africa) to observe birds, hippos, crocodiles and snakes. You can also rent canoes to walk along the sea routes in the river Gambia.


In North America can also find great safaris “imported from the rest of the world.” About 186 kilometers from the city of Puebla, Mexico is also called the city of Los Angeles. In its natural parks established a reserve called Africam Safari that houses over 1500 animals from over 200 different species ranging from African lions to Australian kangaroos. While there is Africa, the conditions are met to get close to the stunning cats. An africamión guided walks visitors through the park where the species roam freely, as in their traditional habitat.


To the south of Lanzarote, Fuerteventura is the most arid and widespread of the seven islands of the Canary Islands. If you’re looking for original safari think you can stroll on the seafront comfortably seated in a Jeep or requesting the help of a faithful animal: the donkey. In Fuerteventura the most widespread species is the donkey majorero. Feel free to know the magic little island called La Isla de Lobos where there are thousands of species of whales and birds. Fuerteventura has 13 protected natural areas. Fuerteventura crystal water is ideal for dolphins. To swim with these animals can plan a safari boat. In the warm waters of the island and given the boat dolphins come and go. A dream comes true.

Amazon Jungle

The Amazon region is known as the lungs of the world. The line runs through Ecuador. The Amazon has 80% of its territory in Brazil and the rest in its neighboring countries such as French Guiana, Surinam, Venezuela, Guyana, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. If you love nature and the more exotic the better, this is the destination that you belong. Trees and plants, land and lakes you can find all kinds of animals, from mammals, fish and poultry. Easyviajar recommended navigate the Amazon River, the second longest in the world to appreciate the thousands of species that arise from your trip!


On safari in Kenya safaris needs no introduction. This country, in the heart of Africa is a paradise for lovers of safari while it was the haunt of the legendary Sydney Pollack film “Out Of Africa” with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford. This place is one of the most desirable to go on safari. You can see all kinds of animals at any time because they live in the wild. It is the right place to make a unique photo safari family. One option may be walking in a van by the many stockpiles of Kenya to see elephants, leopards, lions, giraffes and large buffalo. These are just some of the animals can cross!

Puerto Rico

The Caribbean is not simply the typical postcard beaches of white sand and crystal clear: it is also a place for safaris and adventure! An original and exclusive safari can be done in Puerto Rico. It is one of the favorite destinations of migratory birds as well as some endangered species. You can admire over 350 species, but in terms of months. There are numerous parks in the island where they cross Bien-te-veos, Buzzer, ladybug or frog unique island, the coqui.


A safari can also be in water. In Argentina Expose the Glacier National Park to left hit by the famous Perito Moreno glacier. With a front of 5 km and a height of more than 60 meters above water level, is one of the most splendid scenery to be found in the region and in this world. Easyviajar recommended allowing water safari trekking tour on the coast of the Canal of the Icebergs. Also walking on glaciers is an unforgettable experience. The stay should be used to familiarize yourself with some species, Patagonian foxes, pumas, wild cats, condors, eagles Mora, gulls and many other animals.

South Africa

When it comes to safari, South Africa is one of the first places that come to mind. This is a dream destination. Renting a jeep in the footsteps of an experienced guide can typically see many local mammals like the leopard, hyena, hippopotamus, giraffe and kudu. Not only are mammals in South Africa, you can also find exotic birds like kori bustards, flamingos andthe ostrich. To appreciate these unusual landscapes should visit the famous national parks like Kruger Park, the Etosha, Okavango and Kalahari. An enchanted dream!


Australia is a show for lovers of nature. The country has more than 500 national parks and has a multitude of landscapes where the safari takes its entire dimension. If you want an exciting and different safari, do not hesitate and go swimming with the whale sharks of Ningaloo Reef. If you prefer to learn more about Aboriginal culture, will have to go through Kakadu National Park, World Heritage seduces with its millions of migratory birds and the prehistoric-looking crocodile. If you are looking for are wild animals, we must walk through Kangaroo Island to experience a unique safari. In this sanctuary which is reached by ferry or plane, you discover sea lions, sea lions, koalas and wallabies.

Costa Rica

If you want a 100% natural safari, this is the ideal destination. Costa Rica became famous at the beginning of the nineties to be almost the chief representative of ecotourism. 25% of national territory is covered by national parks, protected areas and volcanoes. If you want a tropical safari, by nature, you can familiarize yourself with the two most famous of Costa Rica is the Congo, the white face monkey, the marmoset monkey. To see the best start for visiting Tortuguero is one of the largest wilderness areas in the country’s biological variety. Besides the monkeys can be seen sloths, birds and even coatimundis. Tortuguero is the favorite habitat of sea turtles throughout the Caribbean, from June to August. To see close to the white-faced monkeys and giant iguanas, have to go to Manuel Antonio National Park. A paradise of pure emotions!