Recipe for a good movie “Touching the subject, Great plot and excellent quality.” Sometimes they are so attached to a movie, the character of film that we forget everything and pretend the actor ourselves to be. This is because both the quality is so soft and fine that we enjoy it or because the character itself is attractive.
It is almost impossible to create 10 characters from the movie of all time, simply because there are so many main characters in movies. Rather going to Top 10 Movie Characters of all time, I chose to create a list of 10 characters in the film than a decade in particular. The character has been considered on the basis of their influence on pop culture, his popularity with the public.
So here the list goes on

tony stark 300x211 Top 10 characters from the movie.

10.Character: – Tony Stark / Iron Man, Robert Downey JuniorIronman film

Description: – Robert Downey was so sexy in the iron man like Tom Cruise was in mission impossible series. It’s the perfect training for life for him as he lives in the role of Tony Stark, billionaire-arrogant-industrial-superhero. Cum-This is the first time that audiences were introduced in the Ironman on the big screen. Ironman is not so much a superhero as he is a super-weapon that fits comfortably in a man with a noble purpose. However, Tony Stark was not always a man of high morals. But he has always been a person of intelligence, astronomy, has taken an incredibly cost-effective and technologically advanced weapons company.

Defining moment: – When Tony Stark struggles to escape capture terrorists and eventually crashes

Quote:  ”Yes, I can fly.”

9. Character:  Anton Chigurh, the film – No Country for Old Men, played by – Javier BardemAnton Chigurh

chigurh 300x219 Top 10 characters from the movie.

Description: I loved the movie. A thriller setup for the race in Texas in the 80′s over 2 million dollars and was finally presented by the Coen brothers. Bardem performance of a cold hearted murderer was unstoppable bonus to movie. He was like “Kill more, talk less.” reminded me of the Terminator series terminator villain is of similar type. Of course performance has won many hearts and he Bardem won an Academy Award as best actor for this role.
Defining moment: – When Bardem blew up a car to distract attention and take the medicine.
Quote: “What’s the most you lost in a coin toss.”

8.Character:  Sweeney Todd, the movie – Sweeney Todd, played by – Johnny Todd deppSweeney

alg sweeney todd1 300x234 Top 10 characters from the movie.

Description:  Johnny Depp is simply Perfect.The film was a hit and (according to me) it’s hard to keep emotions in singing a verse of a poem long and almost impossible to maintain the style of johnny depp eyebrows to show angerness maintained. Although he is a murderer, but you may not hate him just because he only wanted justice for his daughter and himself. Depp was nominated for the third time for the Oscar for best actor.
Defining moment: – When Todd slits the throats of his customers and used their meat to make pies.
Quote: “I can guarantee the closest shave you’ll ever know.”

7.Character – Cast Away, performed by – Tom Noland HanksChuck

200full Top 10 characters from the movie.

Description: Some say this film is based on a true story, but some neglect to say that it’s totally fictitious. Well, whatever, I would say I take my hat off to Tom Hanks made the character so lively. It was difficult to show a man trapped in the marine environment on a small island for 4 years. I have heard this kind of things in fairy tales but how can a man survive in these conditions I found out after seeing the film. Tom Hanks, in particular, gained fifty pounds in pre-production and then lost over 80 pounds and grew a beard and hair to look like a man lost in a strange land. It took a year to do it, and of course was nominated for an Oscar for best actor.
Defining moment: – When Chuck throws a ball and then sees his bloody hand side became a figure on the ball.
Quote:  ”Hey .. Wilson”

6.Character: – Leonard Shelby, Movie Guy PierceLenny

memento 300x198 Top 10 characters from the movie.

Description:  I do not remember if it was the performance of the boy or pierce the character itself was so much fun that I have so deeply involved in how it uses film. The facts, use pictures, tattoos and notes to find the murderer of his wife was quite exceptional. Nolan, in particular, did a great job to introduce such a character under such a situation.
Defining moment:  When Leonard story Sammy jeniks actions on the phone with a stranger and then ask “Who are you?”
Quote: – “Now … where was I?”

5.Character: Maximus Decimus Meridius, “the movie: Gladiator,” played by: – Russel CroweMaximus

my name is maximus decimus meridius 34747 Top 10 characters from the movie.

Description:  One of the best epic ever played in a movie. Russell Crowe played the role of a brave Roman general Maximus very effectively. He lives to serve his government and his god, and his honor is worth more than his life. He is passionate, devoted, courageous, honest, and the journey of a noble Roman loyal. His general a gladiator showcase is full of drama, cruelty, emotion and passion. Russel Crowe won the Oscar for best actor for his best performance never as a Roman general.
Defining moment:  When you fight with the best gladiator Maximus in Rome and also save the tiger unleashed.
Quote:  ”My name is Gladiator.”

4.Character:  Frodo, the movie: – The Lord of the Rings, starring “Elijah Woodfrodo

frodo 300x204 Top 10 characters from the movie.

Description:  The Lord of the Rings is a masterpiece and I would say that every character in itself is great. Frodo is the main protagonist of the day trilogy. His to protect the Ring of the Dark Lord Sauron, with his three friends accompanying creatures. He many mythical and historical is a hobbit, or as described by Gandalf “higher than some and fairer than most, [with] a cleft chin. Cheerful chap with a bright eye”
Defining moment:  When Frodo and his friends begin their journey of three hiding from Nazguls or Ringwraiths.
Quote: – “I know what to say, and it seems like wisdom, but for the warning in my heart.”

3.Character:  Harry Potter film – Harry Potter Series, played by: – Daniel RedcliffeHarry Potter

Harry Potter 284x300 Top 10 characters from the movie.

Description:  the entire decade of Hollywood a little tour around this stone sorcerer character. From for Half-Blood Prince, the magical journey of fun character audience. The Potter Daniel Redcliffe was a superstar and a millionaire’s own character teenager. Although attractive, but cannot neglect the potential to act redcliffe. Harry has become our eyes of a child with eyes open to the beleaguered teenager, moody and yet managed to remain pleasant and friendly.
Defining moment:  When the ball catches Potter magic for Quidditch team.
Quote:  ”patronum expectations!”

2.Character: – Captain Jack Sparrow, the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, played by – Sparrow Johnny DeppJack

jack sparrow saidaonline 300x300 Top 10 characters from the movie.

Description: – actor Johnny Depp is the best method of modern era. There not POTC if there is no jack and no jack sparrow, sparrow if no johnny depp. No ever thought that pirates could be that way sexy . The walk, talk and other tricks just their talk, which amuses the audience obliviously. He is sexy, smart and yes no need to mention that AMA RUM. Johnny Depp was nominated for an Oscar for this, one of his best performances.
Defining Moment: The entrance, when he steps on the deck with pride around the world in search of him and his boat was drowning.
Quote: “Captain Jack Sparrow … Captain.

1. Character:-The Joker, Movie – The Dark Knight, played by: Late Heath Joker ledger

Heath Ledger as the Joker 214x300 Top 10 characters from the movie.

Description: – When I saw your entry into the film, the way they looted a bank and killed his own comrades, he was sure that “This man will steal the show.” Although you can not overlook the performance of Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Aaron Eckhart, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman. But for sure it was Heath Ledger’s Finest as “The Joker” which becomes the main attraction of the film. He has no reason, without rhyme and destruction. For loves her portrayal of a psychic and terrible action Postthomus Heath Ledger won an Oscar for best supporting actor.
Defining Moment: Of course the opening scene, where they looted the bank and killed its own members.
Quote: “Why so serious?”