Acting, like any other art, is two parts natural talent and a part of education. In search of the school of law can only take some time depending on what you learn, it is also a subjective thing. Among those “to die for” drama schools, music and art, some of them clearly and consistently outperform the others when it comes to celebrities.

It is clear that it belongs among the top ten quality schools are:

1. Julliard School. Located in the heart of the city of New York, attending Julliard is a dream for those who want to perform in theater, dance or music. The criteria for admission to Julliard are much stricter than many other schools. Audition is required before entry and then every year to stay with the program. Of the more than 2,000 applicants each year, selected about 8.

2. Yale University. An internationally recognized space for visual and performing arts and the holder of the world famous School of Art, Drama and Music. Distinguished alumni of Yale, Paul Newman, Meryl Streep, John Turturro and Sigourney Weaver.

3. NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Founded in 1965 as a greenhouse, Tisch quickly established itself as one of the most important art schools in the country, in short the creation of other departments including dance, theater and lighting design, and film studios.

4. Carnegie-Mellon. Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon Drama has a long history of the best in theater and production classes. With a program of pre-college drama, which offers students the opportunity to participate in a training program prior to college, with three options available to them? The Acting, Musical Theatre, or design and technical production. The program emphasizes creativity, craft and discipline.

5. The Academy of Art University. Founded in San Francisco in 1929, belongs to the list of distinguished schools of theater arts and performing arts. With classes in film and television as well as animation and visual effects, is also one of the first universities of the arts, home to a line, distance learning program.

6. New York Film Academy and Acting. Located in the heart of New York, near Broadway, in fact see many of their students work under the lights of Broadway. Schools claim to greatness is his penchant for realism. Act not only teaches but also how to succeed and how to handle the pressure of trying to become an actor in a town where employment is difficult to achieve.

7. The American Academy of Dramatic Art. The criteria for admission in this school are highly selective. Each prospective student is evaluated in terms of dramatic ability and potential and readiness, in terms of maturity and motivation, the benefit of the school. The second year at the academy is by invitation only.

8. Marcel Marceau Paris International School mimodrama. It is one of the few schools that offer courses in theatrical mime. Opened in 1979, and since opening has won the students from almost every country in the world. Students are selected by an audition process and then begin a course of two years of learning that is multidisciplinary in content.

9. UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. Located in Los Angeles, California, the entertainment capital of the world, based on industry leaders for instruction. UCLA School of Theater has the distinction of being the only university in the country where studies of live theater, film, television, is integrated with the manipulation of digital media within a single teaching field.

10. The Acting School of South Florida. The school is known for an emphasis on quality training for aspiring actors to prepare them for real work. Most teachers here are former officers who have decided to share their talents and experience for those who want to act.

When choosing a school for the performing arts, one must bear in mind that some of those that will apply to cover, or refuse your application. Probably the best way to apply will be to choose one or two that you do not feel accepted, but would love to attend. When the acceptance letters come in, based on what your choices, make a decision.